Whiplash is the independent side project of brewer Alex Lawes.

Utilising available fermentation space in his own workplace at Rye River Brewing Company or brewing with friends around Ireland and abroad - beers and planning are free and easy and done in a single batch brews. Packaging formats are chosen to suit each beer style, no style pigeon-holing or core ranges. Just beer for the sake of enjoying beer based on ideas, fresh available ingredients and seasonality.

Check here for what’s available, coming next and if there’s a stockist near you.


Our Story


Alex Lawes - Founder, Owner, Brewer

Alan Wolfe - Founder, Partner, Facilitator

Alex Lawes began brewing at home and over the years has accumulated some of the highest homebrew scores in Ireland for his award winning beers. Taking the step into professional brewing he released his first beers for both Brewtonic and Otterbank before helping commission Ireland’s first fully manufactured, high specification brewhouse built in over 100 years at Rye River Brewing Company where he currently works proudly as its Head Brewer. Being long talked about and long on the cards - Alex wanted to share his beers, designs and ideas in his own gypsy project that would allow him to get his beer to market. In an unusual move, his boss supported it completely, wanted to help and very much wanted to drink said beers. So the two got together to form Whiplash as its own brewing company independent of their day job with Alex making the beer and Alan getting it to your glass. Alex plans and brews the beers, designs the labels with artists and sources all the materials. Alan gets the labels printed, the bottles ordered, finds the tank space, a space on the shelf for the finished product and kicks back with the first beer off the line every time.